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The NCAH...

...offers opportunities for historians in all fields — American, Non-Western, European, state and local — to meet, discuss research and exchange ideas with colleagues throughout the state of North Carolina.

In addition to participation by faculty and graduate students at postsecondary institutions, the Association welcomes individuals whose careers are in public history as well as social studies teachers in public and private schools.

The 2011 Annual Meeting

The Association's upcoming annual meeting will be held at Elizabeth City State University on March 25 and 26, 2011. 

The North Carolina Association of Historians offers a “generalist” conference in the historic northeastern region of North Carolina. Information regarding the March 25-26, 2011 conference registration, hotels, maps, parking, programs and other information is available online at Elizabeth City State University (ECSU) http://www.ecsu.edu/academics/artshumanities/hispolisci/ncah/index.cfm .  The  program has a wide range of panels from British Empire, to African American studies, Civil War, History Education, Foreign Policy and more, and is open for academics, public historians, independent historians and history enthusiasts.  A special panel on local public history is hosted at the Museum of the Albemarle (MOA) on Friday, March 25.  Lawrence Babits (Long, Obstinate and Bloody) is speaking  on “Our Captain Flynn” NC’s Benedict Arnold; Chris Meekins (DCR/Archives and History) is speaking on “Form the Line One Last Time”, (African American post in Elizabeth City); and Alex Leary (Camden Public Historian) is speaking on the history of local lighthouses.  Special guest speaker, Dr. Jeff Crow, NC Archives and History, speaks about “Those Other First Families of North Carolina” at the March 25 dinner at the MOA.  Other panels will be held in the new Ridley Student Center at ECSU on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.  Book signings will be available from regional authors, including Mark Bradley (Bluecoats and Tarheels), as well as Lawrence Babits.  

The Journal of the NCAH

The Association publishes the annual Journal of the North Carolina Association of Historians (ISSN 1078-4330).  The Journal is a peer-reviewed publication. It features articles in all fields of history and a generous selection of book reviews. The call for manuscripts for the 2011 issue is underway, and book reviewers and peer reviewers are actively being sought. NCAH members are given preference in scheduling publication; we encourage prospective contributors to take the inexpensive and easy step of joining the NCAH

Officers and Committees

The current leadership of the NCAH can be seen on our officers and committees page.

The NCAH welcomes active leadership on the part of members. If you are a member who has an interest in shaping the organization's work, your time and talents are welcome. Typically committee service is for a three-year term. Upcoming committee vacancies created as members finish their terms will be filled at the business meeting held at the Annual Meeting.

Contact the NCAH

For questions about the NCAH or about specific activities of the organization, contact the NCAH.